Myrspoven AI

Optimizing Building Using Artificial Intelligence
Published by Myrspoven AB


Myrspoven AI makes the operation of real estate self-driving

Myrspoven is a unique software service for BMS optimization, based on the combination of cutting edge AI technology and engineering insights from the real estate industry. The service is connected to over 300 buildings and delivers results such as ~20% electrical cost-saving, ~5-20% thermal cost-saving, significant improvement in indoor climate, improved district heating return temperature, and identifying bottleneck components.

The software is self-learning and works as an add-on service to the existing Building Management Systems (BMS). It includes external data such as energy tariffs and weather forecasts together with any open-source data which can improve the AI-models predictions. The software works fully autonomously and includes a fallback solution together with an ON and OFF switch to easily take the building to its pre-operational control. Our vision is to globally contribute to the real estate industry’s reduction of the carbon footprint of non-renewable kilowatt-hours by 1%.

Myrspoven AI



Indoor climate, energy usage, and operations efficiency. Average electrical saving of 15% and a thermal saving of 10-25%.


Buildings carbon footprint and total energy usage. Right indoor climate achieved at the lowest possible energy usage and cost, optimized autonomously every 15 min.


Net operating income and tenant satisfaction.
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