EBO OPC Client for Building Operations

Building Operation OPC UA/DA client
Published by Control See Ltd


OPC UA/DA Client for EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

The EBO-OPC client utilizes Schneider Electric’s SmartConnector system, to enable the EBO (EcoStruxure™ Building Operation) to receive data from any 3rd party software that supports OPC (Open Platform Communications) server functionality.

Only when values are changing in the OPC Server, the EBO system gets notified.

Both OPC UA and DA are supported.

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EBO OPC Client for Building Operations

EBO-OPC Client Configuration


Using OPC UA for better security

OPC UA has a specification that describes security threats and attacks and how the OPC UA standard is designed to mitigate these threats and attacks. OPC UA has security related functionality in its specification. The security features of OPC UA were designed to be easily enhanced as security standards improve without having to make changes to applications.

Easy connection between the EBO and any OPC UA/DA server

Until today, EBO customers couldn't connect with other 3rd party BMS systems (or other systems) due the lack of OPC client support. Now, using the EBO-OPC Client from Control-See, EBO customers can easily connect with any BMS system (or other systems) that supports OPC DA or UA. The EBO-OPC Client is a SmartConnector extension that is also an EWS Server.
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