SEE Electrical 3D Panel+

Design and manufacture electrical panels in 3D
Published by IGE+XAO


  • Highlights
  • The Copper module
  • Manufacturing support


• Schematic and 3D panel design integration
• Simple 3D placement of all equipment
• Automatic snap-to-rail or surface
• Collision detection
• Consistency check with schematic diagram
• Wire routing
• Optimal wire lengths calculation
• Segregation
• STEP AP203 and 214 import/export
• Component and wiring imports from other Electrical CAD vendors (Eplan, etc.) or from an Excel spreadsheet

The Copper module

The Copper Module of SEE Electrical 3D Panel + provides a set of tools not only to efficiently design copper bars but also to simulate their integration into the distribution board and the creation of the data necessary for its manufacture.

Manufacturing support

• DXF/DWG export (punching, drilling and cutting detail)
• Wire processing machine integration (Komax, Schleuniger, etc)
• Cutting center integration for ducts and rails
• CNC integration (Rittal, Steinhauer, etc)

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