SCADAPack Vision Configurator

Operator Interface Terminal Configurator
Published by Schneider Electric


SCADAPack Vision Configurator
The SCADAPackā„¢ Vision is a compact, panel-mounted operator interface terminal for use with SCADAPack Smart RTUs.

The compact Vision10:
  • Provides 2 lines of display text and 6 function keys
  • Powered by the RTU through the serial communication cable.
  • Easily configured to display process variables and permit modification of controller parameters using the SCADAPack Vision Configurator Windows application.

  • The version of software included in this download is 2.07B.

    SCADAPack Vision Configurator

    SCADAPack Vision10 Dimensions

    SCADAPack Vision10

    SCADAPack Vision Configurator


    Single software application to develop and configure complete Vision feature set.
    Efficient Use of Space
    Compact, panel-mount design uses very little valuable panel real-estate.
    Save money
    Vision is powered by the SCADAPack Smart RTU. No extra power supply is required.