TVIEW+™ for Trio™ Data Radios

Radio network management and diagnostics software application
Published by Schneider Electric


Network management and diagnostics software application for Trio™ data radios

Providing support for multiple diagnostic hosts, integrated graphical spectrum analysis, and remote radio configuration.

TVIEW+ software is ODBC-compliant and provides trending/logging of communication statistics and alarms.

The current version of TVIEW+ included for download is: 3.31.0.

SHA256 Download checksum available on Resources tab.
Note: After downloading, unblock the ZIP file: Right-click on the zip file, select Properties and select the Unblock check-box.
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TVIEW+™ for Trio™ Data Radios

TVIEW+ Hot Standby Base/Repeater Controller (HSC) Screen

TVIEW+ Diagnostics Screen

TVIEW+ Main Menu

TVIEW+ Individual Unit Database Setup Screen


  • Lower your deployment and operational costs
  • High visibility of system architecture and performance for fine-tuning
  • Centralized platform for local and remote radio configuration, monitoring and control
  • Reduced maintenance visits
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