EWon Flexy for EcoStruxure™ Machine Solutions

IIoT Gateway for collecting and providing secure access to industrial data
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IIoT Gateway for collecting and providing secure access to industrial data

In the business of machine building, the key is to focus on the specific request from customer and therefore to constantly challenge its production and efficiency. With a large part of the machines exported, companies rely on carrying out maintenance as efficiently and cost-effectively, as possible. As it is not always possible for the Machine Builder to fly out a service engineer to a customer located remotely, for every malfunction, or ensure a timely problem solving, the machine builders are looking into new solutions to offer optimal services remotely.

EWon Flexy is a multipurpose internet data gateway that allows machine builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance. Flexy Gateway complements EcoStruxure™ Machine Solutions (M240, PLC and M/C advisor software application) . This combination enables all machine builders to connect to their machines and collect data from wherever they are deployed. Also, EWon Flexy provides secure remote access to Schneider Electric’s Altivar 320 and Modicon M241 and makes data from the compactors available in EcoStruxure Machine Advisor


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EWon Flexy for EcoStruxure™ Machine Solutions


Evolve your machine’s capabilities

Machine data collection can be your gateway to product improvement. By keeping track of critical alarms and the preceding tag values, you can better tune your machine for future releases. Furthermore, you can extend your machine’s value by providing an OPC UA server and cloud connectors for all of your customers’ needs.

Add additional revenue streams

Data collection can also enable proactive services revenue for your customers. Simple alarming applications can reduce your response time and meet your service level agreements. You can even automate notifications for spare parts ordering and increase the aftermarket value of your machines.

Gain a competitive edge

Converting data into actionable information allows you to monitor and improve your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). These key parameters can be monitored in an easy end-to-end dashboard solution for you or your customers to view, anytime, anywhere. And that’s just the beginning. As your customers mature, you can offer better local dashboards or cloud dashboards depending on their requests.

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