ASi-5 Slave / IO-Link Master (BWU4067)

Simply integrating IO-Link into SE applications
Published by Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH


Simple and efficient integration of IO-Link into Schneider Electric applications like PLC M580, PLC M340 using ASi-5
Integration of the point-to-point connection IO-Link into common fieldbus environments is often associated with restricted cable lengths, high wiring effort and expensive Ethernet fieldbus modules. The far more clever solution: ASi-5. The Ethernet connection of all slaves - linked to the ASi network - to the PLC is realized via a single Ethernet connection integrated in the ASi-5/ASi-3 Fieldbus Gateway. Due to piercing technology, slaves can be linked to the ASi cable exactly where they are needed and the fine-grain portfolio is flexible towards individual requirements. Plus, the benefits of ASi can be enjoyed: reduced wiring effort, simple connection to the yellow cable, freedom of topology etc.

Bihl+Wiedemann is a German based / mid-size owner-operated company that develops and manufactures products and complete automation solutions for functional safety and data communication in machines and plants. It is a leader in the field of automation and safety technology with AS-Interface (ASi).

ASi-5 Slave / IO-Link Master (BWU4067)

What makes integration of IO-Link with B+W unique?

Benefits of ASi-5


Multiple cost-savings
Pay only for IO-Link ports as you really need. In addition to the 4-port IO-Link master, we offer IO-Link masters with 1 and 2 ports
Integrated OPC UA server in the gateway
This provides a simple and cost-efficient transfer of process and diagnostic data of IO-Link devices to the Cloud
Cabling effort reduced
For all participants - IO-Link devices, standard sensors and safety modules, are connected to an unshielded 2-wire cable using piercing technology. Significantly more IO-Link masters per Ethernet node can be integrated, free choice of topology, elimination of switches and pre-asssembled cables
Flexible & user-friendly
In our wiring system, the maximum IO-Link cable length of 20 meters plays a subordinate role because you can distribute the IO-Link masters anywhere on the AS-Interface using cables up to 200 meters in length
Easy integration of the IO-Link master via configuration tool
Flexible combination of IO-Link masters from Bihl+Wiedemann with IO-Link devices from various manufacturers, by simply loading the IODD and by supporting sensor parameterization with graphics