Realflo Flow Computer

Multi-run flow computer software for gas & liquids
Published by Schneider Electric


  • New Features with 7.02.1
  • Run-time flow measurement app
  • Easy-to-use flow computer configuration interface
  • Gas measurement
  • Liquids measurement
  • Industry-specific protocol support

New Features with 7.02.1

  • AGA-9 gas flow calculation for ultrasonic meters is provided on SCADAPack 57x and 47x RTUs, and on SCADAPack 300 series RTUs.
  • AGA-8 (2017) density calculation is provided on SCADAPack 57x and 47x RTUs, and on SCADAPack 300 series RTUs. The following calculations are now provided: AGA-8 Detail (1994), AGA-8 Detail (2017) and AGA-8 GERG (2017)
  • Run-time flow measurement app

    Realflo provides a configurable run-time application that adds gas and/or liquids flow computation to standard SCADAPack Smart RTUs. This C/C++ application runs independently of any RTU control logic in the SCADAPack.

    Easy-to-use flow computer configuration interface

    The Realflo configuration software application provides configuration wizards to guide operator entry and facilitate creation of configuration templates. User-created templates allow for rapid installation of multiple sites with common configurations by pre-configuration of the common settings. Installers can then concentrate on the site-specific configurations. This approach speeds up configuration and helps to reduce user-configuration errors.

    Gas measurement

    Realflo Flow Computer provides:
  • AGA-3 orifice plate
  • AGA-7 turbine/pulse meter flow measurement
  • V-Cone
  • Wafer Cone
  • AGA-11 Coriolis, with AGA-8 detailed compressibility calculations.
  • Liquids measurement

    Realflo Flow Computer utilizes API 11.x calculations for CTL and CPL (temperature and pressure compensation). NOC (Net Oil Computation) is computed for liquid runs on 2 or 3-phase separators or direct well production measurement. Net oil and water is established using inferred water cut with Coriolis meters, or using direct measurement with on-line water cut meters.

    Industry-specific protocol support

    The Realflo Flow Computer supports Modbus™ protocol and EFM (Enron) Modbus protocol. These industry-standard protocols provide communication to many SCADA host systems, including EcoStruxure™ Geo SCADA Expert (ClearSCADA™), OASyS® from Schneider Electric, and Wonderware® ArchestrA® from Aveva Software.
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