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Fault-tolerant computing for uninterrupted operations
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Fault Tolerant Server for Critical Applications and Data

Stratus ftServer provides organizations with unmatched reliability, computing power, performance, and serviceability to rapidly modernize IT architectures, run mission-critical applications with no downtime, and turn data into actionable insight.

Stratus ftServer is a fault tolerant computing platform designed to run mission-critical applications at the data center, control room, or edge locations without downtime or data loss. The platform’s hardware-based, fully-redundant architecture delivers better than five-nines reliability, is easily serviceable by OT or IT, and is uniquely engineered for proactive health monitoring and self-healing. Using ftServer, organizations are able to rapidly modernize their IT infrastructure to maximize reliability, simplify manageability, and increase efficiency with minimal risk. In addition, application virtualization enables the consolidation of multiple software workloads onto a single ftServer platform to run a data center, digital factory, or remote asset. This unmatched combination of performance, computing power, reliability, and serviceability allows organizations to build future-proof, edge-to-enterprise architectures necessary to connect edge operations with cloud investments and realize edge-core-cloud data strategies that turn data into actionable insight.

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Stratus ftServer

Using ftServer, organizations are able to rapidly modernize IT infrastructure to maximize reliability, simplify manageability, and increase efficiency with minimal risk.


Automated Uptime Layer

Stratus' Automated Uptime Layer (AUL) software seamlessly orchestrates processor synchronization, data replication, and necessary logic, guaranteeing uninterrupted availability even in the face of hardware component failures. AUL vigilantly monitors almost 500 alarm points, promptly notifying users of potential issues, ensuring a proactive approach to system reliability.

Redundant hardware CRUs

The ftServer platform comprises two identical customer-replaceable units (CRUs), each equipped with independent processors, memory, storage, and power. All redundant components and subsystems are seamlessly integrated into a unified system, maintaining complete transparency to applications. This approach eliminates the need for additional development efforts, streamlines management, and enables service and maintenance while in operation, ensuring uninterrupted functionality without disruption or downtime.

Serviceable by OT and IT teams

ftServer prioritizes serviceability with hot-swappable Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs), eliminating the need for platform shutdown or specialized tools. The seamless replacement of a CRU triggers automatic data re-synchronization, enhancing ftServer's suitability for deployment in remote manufacturing sites or locations with minimal IT resources.

Proactive health monitoring

ftServer excels with automated self-monitoring, alerting, diagnosis, and remediation features. Vital platform health information is transmitted via the Stratus ActiveService™ Network (ASN) or existing organizational monitoring methods, proactively notifying users about potential issues before they materialize.

Industry standard components

ftServer employs identical chipsets, DIMMs, and drives as those in standard x86 systems, enhancing compatibility. The utilization of standard shrink-wrapped operating systems and virtualization software ensures straightforward management and accelerates time-to-value.

Workload consolidation

ftServer provides versatile options, allowing the execution of critical applications directly on bare metal. The platform offers a choice between industry-standard operating systems from Microsoft or RedHat. Alternatively, users can opt to consolidate workloads using their preferred hypervisor, be it VMware vSphere or Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V.
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