2N® Indoor Touch 2.0

Welcome your visitors in style
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Control and secure your building

Thanks to the integration with Wiser for KNX, you will be able to use 2N® Indoor Touch as the central control panel for building automation and visitor communication.

The web browser app on 2N® Indoor Touch enables Wiser visualization for room and home control. Fully customizable Wiser´s GUI is optimized for the 7" touchscreen panel. 2N® Indoor Touch is connected with 2N IP® Intercoms to enable communication with visitors and remote door control. All 2N IP intercoms offer two-way voice communication in HD quality and HD camera with night vision.

2N® Indoor Touch 2.0


Easy installation

The installation of 2N® IP intercoms and 2N® Indoor Touch is very simple. One PoE cable provides the power supply and network connection.

Easy configuration

Call settings between 2N® Indoor Touch and 2N® Intercoms can be configured via the web interface, both from the local network and remotely using the 2N® Remote Configuration service.

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