ION SDK and Application Guide

Learn to program ION Meters
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Visual, No-Code programming
  • Access thousands of power & energy parameters
  • Copy & paste across devices
  • Share ION Applications across projects
  • Build System-level ION Applications
  • Robust Cybersecurity

Visual, No-Code programming

Quickly create robust power and energy applications in an easy to learn visual environment. Create new functionality or change existing functionality to adapt to the unique needs of your enterprise.
Visual, No-Code programming
Plug & Play Modules
  • Functional components of a power application are presented as modules with inputs and outputs that you can link together
Easily Change Module Behavior
  • Quickly change scaling factors, update rates, display labels, calculations and more with a few button clicks. Instant feedback with no complicated compilation or debugging

Access thousands of power & energy parameters

ION devices have a rich set of measurements. Every one of them can be used in your application. Whether looking for K-Factor, Total Harmonic Distortion or just Daily Max Power, you'll find it and be able to use it.
Multiple data types enable any application
Access thousands of power & energy parameters

Copy & paste across devices

With ION Technology, you can program an application, then paste it to any number of additional ION devices. You can also paste it multiple times inside the same device.
Copy & paste across devices
Copy and paste within the same device
  • Rapidly build up an advanced application by creating multiple blocks of existing logic
  • 2 types of pasting allow you to replace/update existing functionality or add brand new functionality

Share ION Applications across projects

Once you've created an ION Application, you can share it with anyone. Simply save it to a file, and then distribute it. You get incredible productivity from being able to reuse applications from one project to another.

Build System-level ION Applications

With the Virtual ION Processor, you can build rich applications across devices, facilities and regions. For example, you can use data from one device to send a control signal to another, build a virtual devices from many real ones or automatically email an rich HTML alert in response to a sensor reading. You can also run a database query and compare predicted results to actuals in order to take an action.
Build System-level ION Applications
Automate actions based on data from multiple meters
Build Multiple Virtual Meters
Access external data sources
  • You can access external data sources such as web services, data bases, MODBUS masters and other enterprise platforms to integrate external data into an ION application or export ION data to other applications

Robust Cybersecurity

ION has built-in security for each module, so that you decide who can view or edit your applications.
Per User Permissions
  • Control access to the level of granularity needed
  • Audit log tracks all activity
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