OmniServer - Universal OPC UA/DA Server Software

Driver for non-standard device protocols
Published by Software Toolbox


OPC Connectivity for non-PLC/DCS Devices
OmniServer provides OPC Unified Architecture (UA) and Data Access (DA) connections to Serial, USB, & Ethernet devices that have unique vendor specific protocols, without writing custom code. Improve operational and asset visibility by integrating devices such as barcode readers, printers, scales, weighbridges, inspection systems, video cameras, security systems, and more to your HMI/SCADA/MES/Historian.
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OmniServer - Universal OPC UA/DA Server Software

Defining a Serial Device in the OmniServer Treeview

Adding a device through the OmniServer Configuration UI

Sample Protocols Included with OmniServer help jump start configuration

Connecting a Device Configuration with Protocol to Use


Increase operational visibility
Every manufacturer has devices that are not PLCs or DCS. Demands for visibility and IIoT initiatives require more devices be digitally integrated. OmniServer provides that data to complete your visibility.
Reduced engineering & integration costs
Historically, custom code was used to integrate non-PLC, DCS devices. OmniServer eliminates custom code by providing a user or integrator configurable standards based application.
Faster integration
By using OmniServer, the user's cost and time to integrate devices is drastically lowered, along with the risks associated with custom solutions.