Unity Elementary Function Blocks (EFB) Toolkit

Develop EFs and EFBs
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Function block families management
  • Function blocks development
  • Compatibility

Function block families management

EFB Toolkit helps to create and manage function block families.

It makes it possible to create an organized library of functions written in “C” language.

Once created, these function block families are installed on the Unity Pro stations for the purpose of extending the standard Unity Pro libraries.

Integration in Unity Pro can be executed from Unity EFB Toolkit or via the tool for updating Unity Pro libraries, which allows these families to be distributed without the use of any other software.

Function blocks development

  • Declaration of the function block interface in the same way as for the DFBs in Unity Pro.
  • Definition of all data types needed (elementary, structures, tables).
  • Support of public and private variables.
  • Generation of all files and the block “C” coding frame (the user only adds functionality to this frame).
  • Granting access to numerous internal PAC services, such as the real-time clock, PAC variables and data, system words and math functions, including high-precision numerical processing in “double” format.
  • Structure of the function block family (compilation/link for all Unity Pro automation platforms).
  • Provision of a debugging environment: the function blocks created can easily be debugged in Microsoft Visual Studio by downloading a Unity Pro application containing the function developed in the Unity Pro PLC simulator. The debugging functions in Microsoft Visual Studio, especially breakpoints, step-by-step operations, display of the code/data and manipulation of the data, can be accessed without restriction.
  • Support for managing Unity Pro versions, important during the function block maintenance phase.
  • Compatibility

  • Unity EFB Toolkit is compatible with Unity Pro Medium, Large and Extra Large. EFs and EFBs can be developed for Modicon Premium, Quantum, M340, M580 and Unity Momentum platforms.
  • OS compatibility Windows® 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows® 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • The generated libraries can be installed on EcoStruxure™Control Expert or lower Unity Pro versions on different systems.
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