SCADASuite Plunger Lift and Gas Lift for SCADAPack

Increase production from your Oil and Gas Wells
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SCADASuite Plunger Lift and Gas Lift for SCADAPack

The SCADASuite Plunger Lift and Gas Lift application for SCADAPack helps to optimize production from your gas well over the well's lifecycle, even before a plunger is actually installed. Protect your assets from damage via protection settings, reduce integration costs, training costs, and downtime by using the same application on all of your gas wells.

Instead of control modes, it uses a sophisticated conditions-based approach that gives you precise control. The application includes an optimization feature that tunes setpoints automatically to try to force normal plunger arrival. The program also includes an optional gas lift add on which allows you to safely inject gas down hole to further increase well production. The gas lift application supports both Plunger Assisted Gas Lift (PAGL) & Gas Assisted Plunger Lift (GAPL) modes.

SCADASuite is used by many customers including Chevron, Shell, Saguaro Resources, Encana, Surge Energy and others.
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SCADASuite Plunger Lift and Gas Lift for SCADAPack


Protect your wells

The application includes configurable protection for multiple situations, with protections enabled or disabled individually. A diagnostic log entry is made when a protection mode is entered with the details of what caused the issue.

Automated optimization

The application will automatically adjust both flow condition and shut-in condition set points to try to force a normal plunger arrival. If the plunger arrival is early/ late, the last flow condition/ first shut in condition that was met will be adjusted to make the well flow for longer, on the next cycle.

Reduce lift gas usage

When in plunger mode, the application can adjust the pre-arrival injection set point automatically depending on the plunger arrival history. If the plunger consistently arrives late, more gas will be injected. If the plunger consistently arrives early, less gas will be injected. The goal is to adjust the injection set point so that the plunger always arrives normally.

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