Microgrid Energy Management Benchmark

Microgrid consumption and production data with associated historical forecast
Published by Schneider Electric


Microgrid Energy Management Benchmark
Microgrids will play a key role in the future energy landscape and their economic operation is a crucial technical challenge. This dataset includes some years of historical building consumption and solar panel production data, together with the associated historical forecasts generated by Schneider Electric’s Analytics & AI Forecasting component.

This dataset allows to test battery energy management strategies on buildings equipped with solar panels. It also offers a rich pool of realistic microgrid configurations that can be used for;

  • Calibrating load and photovoltaic forecast models
  • Microgrid control algorithms
  • Optimal battery sizing
  • Other quantitative tasks relative to microgrid simulation

    An example of benchmark, based on this dataset, can be found in github.
  • Microgrid Energy Management Benchmark


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