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The Arc building performance platform was created to translate building, city and community data for today’s building industry—Arc measures, analyzes and scores operational performance in energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience for spaces worldwide.

Arc’s partnerships with companies like Schneider Electric provide additional value-added services and reporting without needing to provide additional data.

Efficiency Analysis

The Efficiency Analysis tool, developed in partnership with Schneider Electric, is designed to support analyzing the efficiency of your assets, track changes over time, and identify opportunities for improvement.


Add your projects to the Arc platform and identify which ones are ready to seek LEED certification and which are targets for improvements. Arc also supports occupied buildings and spaces pursuing LEED recertification.

ESG Reporting

Deliver on benchmarking and Building Performance Standards energy goals and drive your decarbonization efforts with over two dozen benchmarks available for measurement or create customized targets. Strengthen GRESB scores and TCFD reporting with Arc performance certificates.

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The Arc building performance platform

View and manage project scores from your portfolio

Manage your performance score and track your certification progress

Explore your building performance

Review score trends and target improvements


Arc for All

Create projects, add data, and generate performance scores and see trends over time. Performance scores and certificates recognize where you are today.

Arc Essentials

Access solutions that help take your performance to the next level and support communication of your achievements
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