Worldwide Buildings Energy Consumption

The data refers to 237 Schneider Electric buildings located worldwide and contains both metadata and timeseries
Published by Schneider Electric
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Worldwide Buildings Energy Consumption
The data refers to the energy consumption of 237 Schneider Electric buildings worldwide, gathered over several years. It contains both metadata (building location, surface, occupancy, meters connected) and timeseries. The dataset contains information generated from a wide range of buildings over a long period of time, enabling you to increase the accuracy of your own building analysis.

Each building can hold several main meters, depending on the measured WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electric, Steam), for an observation period ranging from one, to several years. The meters can be of two types: smart meter with near real time readings, and automatic meter with monthly readings.

The data originates from Schneider Electric's program to optimize energy consumption of SE Facilities.

Worldwide Buildings Energy Consumption


Large database of energy consumption in buildings
This large database enables data scientists to execute several building analysis, such as, building performances, bench-marking, buildings clustering, and building energy modelling.