WIN-911 Alarm Notification for EcoStruxure™ CPG WWW

Alarm monitoring and alarm notification solution
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WIN-911 Alarm Notification for EcoStruxure™ CPG WWW

WIN-911 is the most widely used Alarm Notification Platform in Industry and IIoT. WIN-911 can be installed on EcoStruxure™ SCADA network, connected directly to Aveva InTouch. The Aveva InTouch focusses for plant monitoring and WIN-911 interactive takes care of remote alarm notifications. WIN-911 connects directly to Wonderware’s InTouch Alarm database through Wonderware SuiteLink and Alarm Toolkit. Subscriptions and filters determine the alarms for notification.

WIN-911 is deployed at more than 70% of the Fortune 100 manufacturing companies and protects over 18,000 facilities in 80 countries on six continents.

WIN-911 delivers machine alarms and critical data via smartphone apps, SMS text messages, phone calls, plant annunciation, and email — reducing production risk, downtime, and costs.

We ensure the right alarm, gets to the right person, at the right time, on the right device.
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WIN-911 Alarm Notification for EcoStruxure™ CPG WWW

Local Annunciation

Advanced Call-out Escalation

Mobile Alarm Summary, Details and Reporting

OPC Tag Imports


Mobile Chat and Team Visibility

SMS Text Messaging

SCADA Integration - Subscriptions

WIN-911 Mobile Smartphone Apps

Contacts Utility

Contacts Utility

SCADA Integration - System Platform

WIN-911 Mobile Architecture

Email Notifications

EcoStruxure™ Architecture Diagram

EcoStruxure™ Architecture Diagram



Reliability of alarm notifications
Operations efficiency
Insight into frequent alarm occurrences


Down time
Operating costs
Material costs


Alarm response time
Personnel and public safety

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