Manage building issues with tools that are as simple as email.
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  • Simplify maintenance operations.

Simplify maintenance operations.

Building operators are faced with a constant stream of problems to troubleshoot. Tikkit organizes this chaos into a single, elegant digital tool accessible from anywhere.
Occupant portal
  • Occupants can create new requests online, from their phone or with an email. Start collecting rich data with photos, attachments and with unlimited storage.
  • Stay in the know with email and text message alerts, and automatically close the loop with requestor when the job is done with work order closure.
Collect meaningful data, run helpful reports
  • Use the stopwatch to count time-on-task or log a time record, later. Customize your cost categories and track when and where money is spent. Trend reports show changes in performance, while Crosstab reports reveal statistically significant differences between two dimensions.
Vendor management
  • Get help resolving requests from 3rd party vendors. They don’t need to sign up or download anything. With one click, you’ll know they’ve accepted the request.
Preventive maintenance
  • Set calendar or daisy-chained templates to issue PMs in a series (due dates & schematic files optional) and automatically label & cleanup backlog.
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