Sustainable Energy Consumption Solution for EcoStruxure™ MMM

Target energy savings with the help of real time predictive alerts
Published by Energiency


Real time alerts with energy efficiency AI analytics

As highly energy-intensive users, MMM industries are on the spot to improve their energy efficiency and become more sustainable. However, after much improvement in the last decade, it becomes more and more difficult to find new energy efficiency projects with good enough ROI.

The joint Energiency – Ecostruxure MMM solution leverages the data embedded within Schneider Electric environment (Power Monitoring Expert, process & production) with other relevant data (energy & fluids, process & production, maintenance, weather) to achieve up to 5% energy reduction with the help of energy efficiency AI analytics.

Technology Partner

Sustainable Energy Consumption Solution for EcoStruxure™ MMM


Solid growth potential

Industry counts for 29% of the world’s energy consumption, out of which a quarter used for MMM. Improving energy efficiency and CO2 emissions within MMM is not an option anymore.

Excellent ROI

As our solution merely leverage the available data, the upfront investments are small, hence the ROI is excellent

Modes of business

    • Direct business : data management & data analytics
    • Indirect business: our analytics generate not only savings, but also new investments opportunities (metering, utilities, process, …)
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