AI energy savings audit

Assess your energy savings potential thanks to Artificial Intelligence
Published by Energiency


  • Data to be provided by you

Data to be provided by you

  • Energy/fluid consumption (gas, electricity, steam, compressed air, etc) you want to predict (1 data flow)
  • Explanatory variables (up to 50 data flows) you would like to test, such as: production (global output or detailed production by products, anonymised data is fine), weather conditions (Temperature, Humidity, etc)
  • Energy KPI you are following today (ie: energy per production unit in kWh/t)
  • 18 months historical data set, at least on a daily basis, if possible higher frequency (1h, 10 mn,etc)
  • Data information should be provided as time series (timestamp / tag / value) in the attached .xls document.
    Energiency will provide a sftp server to collect the data
  • Delivery time:

  • 3 weeks from data transfer
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