MDT Partner Subscription for EcoStruxure™ Alliance System Integrators

Annual license for AutoSave & AutoSave for System Platform
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  • What do you get in the MDT System Integrator Program
  • Licenses and training
  • Rapid disaster recovery
  • Program comparison and notification
  • Non-networked device management
  • Electronic signature and workflow approval
  • Advanced device support
  • Cybersecurity protection and recovery

What do you get in the MDT System Integrator Program

MDT has been in business for over 30 years focusing on disaster recovery and change management. AutoSave is the most advanced automation change management solution with installations around the world in dozens of industries and support for the widest range of devices and editors. Our AVEVA Endorsed Product, AutoSave for System Platform (A4SP), is recognized as a high value add-on to any System Platform installation. Participation in our System Integrator Partner Program distinguishes you from other system integrators in being able to bring these complementary solutions to your customers.

We are the World Leader in Automation Change Management. MDT Software is honored to serve many of the world's largest manufacturers and users of advanced plant automation. In nearly every industry, customers all over the world use MDT products to effectively manage change and minimize downtime associated with plant floor automation. Our customers include 3M, Honda, Abbott Nutrition, Chevron, Nestle, General Mills, RioTinto, The Water Corporation of Australia, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Chrysler just to name a few.

Just as MDT products complement the devices and systems in the automation layer with advanced change management, our SI program is designed to convey knowledge around the use and installation of MDT products for your customers. This expertise enables you to implement AutoSave and A4SP to deliver another value-added system to your project. In addition, the implementation of MDT products increases your exposure to other customer issues throughout the entire facility, often helping to identify further business opportunities for you.

Licenses and training

Licenses: Unlimited temporary licenses for your use in staging/selling MDT Products to customers.

  • AutoSave: An AutoSave license for in-house use with the ability to use ANY advanced device module
  • A4SP: A one-year subscription license for one Galaxy for internal use and training purposes. Additional Galaxies are available on a one-year subscription basis for internal galaxies or offsite use on customer systems.
  • Training / Support Tools: Access to MDT's online training resources for 6 months Access to the AutoSave Implementation Guidelines, Knowledgebase, etc.

    Rapid disaster recovery

    The key to rapid recovery is the ability to access and download the correct automation program to the device. A common central repository of all program changes ensures that if a device fails, the most current copies of program logic and documentation are available so plant operations can be restored quickly and correctly.
    Rapid disaster recovery
    Central database of program backups
    • Users can remove an incorrect device program change and roll back to any previous version within seconds.

    Program comparison and notification

    AutoSave can interrogate devices and compare the program running in the device to a reference copy in AutoSave. If changes are detected, appropriate identification and notification will occur.
    Program comparison and notification
    Identify unknown or unauthorized changes
    • AutoSave periodically queries your automation devices and compares the code running in the processor with the latest version stored on the AutoSave Server. If a mismatch is detected (indicating someone went around our system to make a change), a notification is sent to key personnel highlighting the mismatch along with information pinpointing the changes, thus protecting your process, people and equipment.

    Non-networked device management

    AutoSave supports non-networked devices by allowing you to make changes to programs in the field then analyze and sync all changes to the server back at the office.

  • View a history of changes performed on each device.
  • Undo changes in the field with a simple button push.
  • Compare the program running in the device to the program on the engineer’s laptop.
  • Copy programs to create new programs in the field.
  • Electronic signature and workflow approval

    As regulatory bodies require more ability to trace process changes and ensure compliance with current regulations (i.e. 21CFR11), manufacturers are seeking ways to be assured the process has not been altered without approval. No other Automation Change Management system claims to be compliant with 21CFR11. MDT AutoSave is.
    Audit Trail & Approval
    • AutoSave tracks changes in PLCs, human-machine interface systems and workstations to ensure a proper audit trail and notification of changes. This can be invaluable in understanding what changes were made, why, and by whom.
    Electronic Signature and Workflow Approval
    • To further increase the level of change control, AutoSave provides workflow approval routing and electronic signature functionality in support of 21CFR11 guidelines. For areas requiring even greater electronic approval and audit trail support, AutoSave’s Add-On Modules provide this functionality.

    Advanced device support

    AutoSave supports any PC-based application and more automation devices than any other change management software in the industry, including PLC, robots, CNC, welders, drives, HMI, workstations, project files and documents.
    Advanced device support

    Cybersecurity protection and recovery

    MDT AutoSave addresses a critical aspect of security not addressed by data access & network monitoring applications: The Intellectual Property in your Device Programs
    Cybersecurity protection and recovery
    Prepare for a cybersecurity attack
    • Secure your program intellectual property: AutoSave saves a copy of each program revision in a central repository. Access to program folders and programs is managed by via a flexible privileging system.
    Detect an cyber security breach
    • Detect changes made outside the change management system: AutoSave compares the latest program copy on file in AutoSave with the program running in each device to identify any differences. If differences are found, the appropriate people are notified with an email highlighting the differences.
    Recover from a cybersecurity attack
    • Rapidly recover from unauthorized changes: With an archive of all program revisions, you can quickly restore the latest approved program after an unauthorized change.
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