EPLAN Electric P8

Power for electrical project management and engineering
Published by EPLAN


  • Efficient Engineering
  • Macro technology
  • Placeholder technology
  • Autoconnecting
  • Various design approaches
  • Automatic reports
  • Editing of mass data
  • International codes, consistently localized
  • EPLAN Application Programming Interface (API)

Efficient Engineering

EPLAN Electric P8 offers unlimited possibilities for project planning, documentation, and management of automation projects. The automatic production of detailed reports based on wiring diagrams is an integral part of a comprehensive documentation system and provides subsequent phases of the project, such as production, assembly, commissioning and service with the data required.

Engineering data from other project areas can be exchanged via interfaces with the CAE software, thus guaranteeing consistency and integration throughout the entire product development process.

Efficient Engineering

Macro technology

You can save up to 26 variants of a circuit or system for each representation type. With 12 different representation types, you have a total of 312 possible variants at your fingertips. You can easily manage your macro projects. Our drag-&-drop technology makes placing them simple – and the software remembers the original position.

Thanks to macro technology, you can create a solid foundation for standardizing your processes.

Placeholder technology

Manage an unlimited number of data sets for your macros and quickly select the desired data set during the engineering design process.


Autoconnecting enables you to logically connect circuit symbols with one another in an instant, making schematics design faster and increasing the quality of the generated schematic.

Various design approaches

Choose between a graphical, a logical or device-oriented design approach to support various work processes.

Automatic reports

Reports such as terminal and wire diagrams or bills of materials are automatically created for you to be used in downstream project phases.

Editing of mass data

Functions for editing mass data such as “Search and replace” and “Edit in Excel” accelerate your engineering and at the same time increase the quality for drawing circuit diagrams and schematics.

International codes, consistently localized

EPLAN Electric P8 supports global standards such as IEC, NFPA, the Russian GOST and the Chinese GB standards with corresponding master data and sample projects. Thanks to its end-to-end Unicode capability, the software generates circuit diagrams and schematics in a wide variety of languages based on your customised translation databases – from schematics in Chinese to bills of materials in Russian.

EPLAN Application Programming Interface (API)

With the EPLAN API development environment the doors to your individual further development of EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Fluid, EPLAN Preplanning and EPLAN Pro Panel are wide open. The development environment offers you an efficient possibility to implement your own required functionalities or automatic functions. With this individual customization in the core of EPLAN you can optimize your engineering workflow specifically.

Faster task-based processes
  • In the productive phase the EPLAN products can be integrated fully into your individual workflow through the API Runtime licenses. Use of the overall solution is thus facilitated for all participants. Processing times, planning errors and training times can be reduced. Users of other programs can use EPLAN functions and data without having to leave their original work environment. Results are thus available faster and more economically.
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