EPLAN Harness proD

Design and Documentation of Wire Harnesses and Nail Board Design
Published by EPLAN


Cabling and wire harness design in 3D

EPLAN Harness proD is a leading solution for the efficient design and documentation of cables and wire harnesses in 2D and 3D. The key challenges with wire harness engineering are the combination of mechanics and electronics, as well as ensuring correct and consistent data. Insufficient communication and missing data exchange between the two disciplines lead to expensive and time consuming errors, such as lack of space when laying cables, multiple iteration steps when designing and manufacturing, as well as incorrect cable calculations.

With EPLAN Harness proD, one can intelligently connect the two disciplines and increase transparency and productivity. Ease of use, automated work processes, correct manufacturing documents and high reusability are strengths of the system. In addition, the wire harness design is not dependent on the availability of a mechanical prototype.
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EPLAN Harness proD

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