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Automated schematic generation with a mouse click
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  • Automated schematic creation using designer and project builder
  • Efficiently automating engineering
  • Maximising productivity
  • Professional schematic creation – Even with no prior knowledge
  • Can already be used during implementation
  • Flexibility and security

Automated schematic creation using designer and project builder

EPLAN Cogineer gives you flexibility in the way you work, no matter whether you take a function-based or machine-based approach. Your design method will not require modification, it will just become much faster.

The system can be used instantly by EPLAN Platform customers. It is conceived and designed to provide fully intuitive operation at the functional level. EPLAN Cogineer is, therefore, an effective tool for either occasional or frequent users.

Automated schematic creation using designer and project builder

Efficiently automating engineering

  • Flexibility: EPLAN Cogineer can be used for any method of design and project structure, adapted to any size of company, and applied across all branches.
  • Transparency: The configurators stored within the Designer can be used centrally in the form of libraries and can, for example, be provided externally as basic designs via email.
  • Rules expertise: Once a rule set has been established within Cogineer, users who are not rules experts are able to fully generate projects.
  • Information security: Company know-how no longer remains only in the heads of specialists. It is instead stored and made securely available in EPLAN Cogineer as the basis for the automated creation of full and partial schematics.
  • Intuitive working: The EPLAN Cogineer interface adapts automatically to any working situation so that users see only what they need to see.
  • Data consistency: Data in EPLAN Cogineer provided data  consistency from configuration to macro level.
  • Time saving: The automated creation of full and partial schematics at the push of a button means projects can be created within significantly shorter times than previously.
  • Quality: Conventional working methods such as copy and paste from existing documents and projects, are a thing of the past – as is the risk of making errors. Using a centralised library of templates and a stored rule set maximises project quality.
  • Cost savings: Significant time savings in the creation of projects, increased quality and the securing of expert knowledge result in a major reduction in costs.
  • Efficiently automating engineering

    Maximising productivity

    Immediately following the installation of EPLAN Cogineer, you will be able to begin gradually increasing your productivity. Users simply select all the major parameters for a partial schematic. Dependent parameters such as the size of the connecting cable or the design of the drive are automatically determined based on the stored rule set, and then transferred into the schematic. Engineering cannot be simpler.
    Maximising productivity
    How Does This Benefit a Motor Control Unit?
    • Conventional methods in the design of a motor control unit involves copying the complete unit either as a typical or from a sample project. The disadvantage here is that the user must check and manually amend all project-specific information, component data and cable diameters. This represents a lot of effort and risks error, example: missing an amendment.

    Professional schematic creation – Even with no prior knowledge

    You don’t need to be an EPLAN expert to generate schematics according to customer requirements. The basic training is quick and easy, and knowledge of higher programming languages isn’t necessary either.

    Can already be used during implementation

    Reap the benefits of these innovative methods without any long periods of implementation. You can move step by step into using the application during the implementation phase.

    Flexibility and security

    Use EPLAN Cogineer for every project planning methodology and structure – it’s a worthwhile investment for both large corporations and small companies. The company’s expertise and know-how thus no longer remains in the minds of your experts, but instead forms the foundation for automated schematic creation.
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