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Hxperience gives meaning to the data of your buildings for more efficiency. The SMATI application allows you to act on your social and environmental responsibility policy. You will thus be able to:

  • Act on the reduction of energy consumption with a better management of your purchases, uses and practices.
  • Ensure the protection of your employees, customers, citizens with a follow-up of health risks and the improvement of their quality of life.
  • Monitor the use of your buildings to understand if they are adapted to new ways of working and accompany you in your decisions.
  • The control and optimization of your operational and financial efficiency:

  • Exploit new sources of savings that are abundant and accessible in the short term and without structural investments such as lower energy costs, maintenance costs and the surface area of your premises.
  • Significantly and quickly reduce your operating costs and gain in productivity.
  • Achieve new operational optimization

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