SAM4 - Smart Condition Monitoring for AC motors and rotating equipment

Smart Condition Monitoring for Rotating Assets
Published by Samotics


Eliminate unplanned downtime

Forget what you know about condition monitoring. SAM4 works differently. And better. SAM4 is the plug & play Smart Condition Monitoring solution for AC motors and rotating equipment, that detects upcoming failures up to months in advance. Monitoring from inside the Motor Control Cabinet, based on current and voltage sensors, as well as machine learning algorithms.

Our SaaS offer boasts real-time, actionable information about the health, performance, and energy consumption of connected assets, presented in an online dashboard - or integrated into your existing offering via API. When SAM4 detects issues, you will receive an alert via email, SMS, or phone call. The solution comes with sensors, a Data Aqcuisition Device (DAQ), a gateway, and switches, all industrial use certified.

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SAM4 - Smart Condition Monitoring for AC motors and rotating equipment


Eliminate unplanned downtime

SAM4 detects upcoming failures at an early stage, so you can schedule maintenance before breakdowns occur.

Reduce energy waste

AC motors consume 80% of energy in industrial environments. Reductions by +15% are entirely possible by optimizing power consumption.

Prioritise maintenance tasks

Insights into the condition, performance, and energy consumption enable data-driven decisions about resource allocation.
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