Save it Yourself®

Collect and visualize electric consumption data
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Save It Yourself®

GULPLUG offers Save It Yourself®, an innovative Plug&Play electric monitoring solution that allows industrial companies to collect and visualize electric consumption data on their own thanks to non-intrusive, wireless, self-powered and loss-less sensors: the E-Cubes. Setting-up only takes a few minutes: without stopping the machines, the user simply clamps the E-Cubes on the power cables. The E-Cubes immediately start recording and transmitting the electric consumption data through radio signal. Adapted to a permanent or nomad use, the E-Cubes are delivered in an E-Case that also works as relay between the radio signal and the GPRS network to transfer the data to the electric monitoring platform The user then only has to log in to access the electric consumption data.
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Save it Yourself®

Save It Yourself


Industrial energy efficiency

Save up to 30% on the electricity consumption of your industrial site

Predictive maintenance

Understand your machines life cycle and test your maintenance methods to reduce downtime and costs

Industrial process monitoring

Control your process and guarantee the availability of your critical equipments with real-time monitoring.
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