Methodology combining Advanced Analytics and people
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Methodology combining advanced analytics and people

As a result of more than 15 years of experience, PEPITe has developed OPTImaestro, a participative methodology to deploy successful and sustainable AI projects in industry. Engineers and operators have accumulated a lot of uncodified knowledge on the operation of a plant while IT systems have accumulated a huge amount of unused data. OPTImaestro combines both sources of information to improve performance and deploy reliable decision support tools.

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Step by step approach

This will allow you to create the right context and engage plant staff ensuring create sustainable impacts. The various steps of OPTImaestro projects, allow to gain momentum and engagement through better data driven decision in your plant and organisation.

Decrease risk of deployment

With OPTImaestro revealing technical roadblocks and estimates benefits, risk of advanced analytics projects will be better understood allowing a clear requirement of resources to be committed for a successful implementation.

Additional benefits

Involvement of operators
Sustainability and continuous improvement
No capex
Quick implementation within 6 months

Product Attributes

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