Flash Analysis

Business impact of Advanced Analytics
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Estimate impact of Artificial Intelligence

Variability of operations is usually an important source of losses and artificial intelligence is a perfect tool to squeeze variability.

However, Advanced Analytics and in particular Artificial Intelligence is still a very new technology in industry. There are multiple challenges to deploy it successfully in industrial contexts.

The Flash Analysis is a preliminary technical and economical analysis that will estimates risks and cost saving opportunities from the variability of production performances. A Flash Analysis typically focuses on one of these key performance indicators : yield, energy, throughput, product quality, equipment availability.

The goal of the Flash Analysis is to quantify the opportunities and risks of an AI based optimisation project, OPTImaestro, on selected KPIs and create awareness on the impacts.
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Flash Analysis

Real time dashboard with embedded AI to guide operators

Gap analysis shows periods with significant cost savings opportunities

Hourly variability of key performance indicator.


Start small, think big!

Step by step approach will allow you to create the right context and engage plant staff to make sure advanced analytics create sustainable impacts. The Flash Analysis is the very first step to initiate momentum and engagement through better data driven decision in your plant and in your organisation.

Fast and accurate payback estimates

With a minimum set of data, our experts can deliver in a few days a quantitative analysis of advanced analytics payback on specific key performance indicators.

Decrease risk of deployment

Flash analysis will unveil technical roadblocks and estimates benefits. Risk of advanced analytics projects will be better understood allowing a clear requirement of resources to be committed for successful implementation.

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