Serialization Application for IN-SIGHT 7000 Series vision system

Ultra-high resolution standalone vision system used in manufacturing automation
Published by Cognex


Solving Food & Beverage manufacturing challenges

Serialization compliance marks an important milestone for the multiple industries, with several countries setting new regulations for traceability. Adopting these standards requires the assignment of unique, traceable numbers to individual items or saleable units. The labeling must happen at the plant floor level where packaging lines are located.

All new inventories distributed after the due date set by local regulations, which differs from country to country, has to contain serialization information and a logistics data carrier. In this case, it can be a symbol that can be scanned with a device like a barcode.

The In-Sight® 7000 series vision system represents a breakthrough in flexibility, performance and ease of integration. This powerful vision system performs fast, accurate inspections while its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained production lines.

Serialization Application for IN-SIGHT 7000 Series vision system

In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder interface

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