Effortlessly manage and control SNMP equipment with EBO

BIMdance SNMP SmartConnector is a powerful solution for integrating Ecostruxure Building Operation with any SNMP protocol support equipment, including CCTV cameras, UPS, PDU, IoT devices, servers, IP routers, and other IT equipment.

The main functionality of BIMdance SmartConnector SNMP are:

  • Communication between SNMP agents and EWS servers
  • Generating EBO alarms when TRAP-messages are received
  • Discovering SNMP agents in the LAN or manually adding them to the created configuration
  • SNMP v3 security settings provided
  • Allowing SNMP v3 engine configuration
  • Sending user-defined MIB entities to the EWS server (objects, tables, TRAPS, etc.)
  • Vendors MIBs parsing
  • SNMP communication logging

BIMdance SNMP SmartConnector

BIMdance SNMP SmartConnector


Simplified troubleshooting

Comprehensive logging functionality enables easy troubleshooting and analysis of SNMP communications.

Robust security

Cybersecurity is confirmed by independent assessment. SNMP v3 security settings ensure the protection of sensitive data.

Vendor compatibility

Easily integrate devices from different manufacturers into your BMS infrastructure with vendor MIBs parsing.

Proactive monitoring

Receive intelligent alarms and notifications, allowing you to take prompt action to maintain optimal performance.

Enhanced efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your BMS IT infrastructure by seamlessly monitoring and optimizing SNMP devices like IP routers, servers, UPS.
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