ztC Endurance™

Evolutionary, predictive fault-tolerant computing
Published by Stratus Technologies


Unparalleled computing platform designed for zero downtime.

In diverse industries, the seamless operation of mission-critical applications is paramount to meeting the expectations of "always on" operations. Unplanned downtime can pose a substantial threat to productivity, revenue, reputation, and safety in these critical processes. Mere failure recovery is insufficient for organizations reliant on essential applications; what they demand is the uninterrupted availability of data and applications. To achieve this, a modern infrastructure is imperative to proactively prevent failures and uphold a constant state of operational readiness.

Introducing the groundbreaking ztC Endurance by Stratus Technologies — a cutting-edge computing marvel engineered for flawless performance and zero downtime. Immerse yourself in the realm of intelligent, predictive fault tolerance through a seamless and user-friendly deployment process. Tailored for versatility, with configurations catering to entry-level, midrange, and high-performance needs, this robust solution ensures the uninterrupted operation of your mission-critical applications. Explore the limitless possibilities and elevate your computing experience to new heights.

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ztC Endurance™

Confidently run complex software stacks with Stratus ztC Endurance’s breakthrough 99.99999% availability

The Stratus® ztC Endurance™ platform enables IT and OT to run critical applications without downtime or data loss, using intelligent, predictive fault tolerance.

Modular design with redundant CRU modules

Automated Uptime Layer with Smart Exchange™


Digital Transformation without Downtime

Leveraging ztC Endurance facilitates the digital transformation of computing infrastructure, ushering in operational modernization and the deployment of sophisticated software stacks. Whether at the edge or in the data center, this platform guarantees application availability and preserves data integrity. Through a seamless fusion of built-in fault tolerance, proactive health monitoring, and serviceability accessible by both OT and IT, ztC Endurance not only meets but exceeds cybersecurity requirements. Transform your computing landscape with unparalleled reliability and adaptability.

Simplified Management

Experience a unified system image fortified with built-in redundancy seamlessly integrated with operating systems and applications. Effortless to manage, this transparent infrastructure ensures simplicity in operations. Additionally, leverage remote monitoring capabilities and management APIs, allowing seamless support through your existing IT tools and systems. Streamline your processes with ease and efficiency.

Predictive Fault Tolerance

Unlocking intelligent, predictive fault tolerance, the Stratus Automated Uptime Layer, empowered by Smart Exchange™, vigilantly monitors and targets an extensive array of potential failure points. Swiftly and autonomously, it initiates corrective actions proactively, preventing any disruption before it can impact your operations.

Protection Against Data Loss and Downtime

Attain the pinnacle of reliability with a system availability of seven nines (99.99999%), guaranteeing uninterrupted access and safeguarding against the loss of in-flight application data, ensuring continuous availability and data integrity.

Highly Serviceable

Crafted with precision, our redundant, modular architecture is designed for seamless serviceability. Boasting four (4) pairs of customer replaceable units (CRUs) – encompassing compute, I/O, power supply unit, and storage – these components are effortlessly hot-swappable by both OT and IT staff, eliminating the need for specialized expertise or tools. Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency in maintenance.

Blazing Fast Performance

Experience peak performance with cutting-edge technology, ranging from the 4th generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to high-speed NVMe drives, lightning-fast Gen 4 PCIe I/O, and robust, high-performance DDR5 memory. Elevate your computing capabilities with unmatched speed and reliability, built upon the industry's finest fault tolerance.
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