Cisco Spaces for EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

Building Sustainability Through IT/OT Integration
Published by Cisco Systems


Enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your buildings by accessing performance insights and improving operational control

The Cisco and Schneider Electric Digital Building Solution brings together Cisco Spaces—cloud-based software that leverages Cisco® network infrastructure, collaboration devices, and data from 3rd party solutions and EcoStruxure Building Operation, Schneider Electric’s Building Management System (BMS) platform.

Cisco Spaces—from its Wi-Fi access points, sensors, collaboration devices, and 3rd party solutions provides real-time location insights every 30 seconds for building occupancy, temperature, humidity, light, and sound levels. Enabled by Schneider Electric’s Building Data Platform, an independent data layer facilitating the integration of IoT data, this information is integrated with EcoStruxure Building Operation BMS which controls energy-saving automation of building systems, including hardware, HVAC, lighting, and blinds for the precise number of people in a room or space.

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Cisco Spaces for EcoStruxure™ Building Operation


Increase sustainability

Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by monitoring electrical systems, fine-tuning energy use, and meeting target standards such as LEED, BREEAM, and Fitwel.

Create people-centric spaces

Boost occupant comfort and productivity through higher service levels and faster response times, while optimizing building health and increasing property values.

Save time and resources

Integrate, monitor, and manage IT and OT data and view analytics-driven insights in a single, mobile-enabled view.

Increase resilience

Deploy solutions faster through the straightforward integration of Cisco IT network technology and EcoStruxure Building Operation supported with robust cybersecurity.

Reduce energy consumption

Manage HVAC and lighting based on real-time occupancy data.
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