Arc Performance Scoring for EcoStruxure

Web service-based green building performance scores
Published by Arc Skoru Inc.


Generate Arc performance scores and assess LEED Readiness using EcoStruxure

The future of green building is action at scale – transforming every space and facility across diverse portfolios. This is driven, in part, by the adoption of tools to collect, manage, and analyze portfolio-level data. 

The Arc Performance Scoring for EcoStruxure feature allows users to access Arc performance scores and evaluate the LEED Readiness™ of all their facilities. Capabilities include:

  1. Manage data in their system of record, e.g.., Schneider Electric Resource Advisor.
  2. View Arc performance scores for any facility.
  3. Easily submit performance data when they are ready to pursue LEED certification or recertification.

This makes it faster and easier to use performance data to pursue third-party recognition, including LEED and GRESB.

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Technology Partner

Arc Performance Scoring for EcoStruxure


Data management

EcoStruxure users can maintain one centralized “source truth” and bring Arc Performance Scores and LEED Readiness into this environment.

Performance scores

Arc Performance Scoring for EcoStruxure provides performance-based, LEED-aligned scores for any space or facility in the world.

LEED readiness

Performance scores are elements of LEED. Consequently, EcoStruxure users can determine their LEED Readiness and explore how improvements in performance can earn more LEED points via this tool.

LEED certification

Arc Performance Scoring for EcoStruxure provides a streamlined path to Arc and, in turn, submission for LEED certification. This makes it faster and easier to pursue new certifications or recertification.
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