SoniShield Temperature Monitoring

Remote Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
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Sonicu Temperature Monitoring

Affordable, Trusted and Intuitive. That's why our customers turn to Sonicu for cold/frozen storage temperature and environmental monitoring that streamlines compliance, protects precious assets and increases operational efficiency.

Engineered on the AWS Cloud and ready for instant Schneider Electric interoperability with our custom-built API, SoniCloud is a plug-and-play platform that makes it easy for Schneider integration partners to quickly deploy temperature and environmental monitoring.

Sonicu is trusted by more than 550 customers in every state for wireless temperature and environmental monitoring that includes cold/frozen storage, ambient temperature and humidity, air pressure differential and sound monitoring. With easy installation and implementation, U.S.-based phone support and free, unlimited training, Sonicu makes it easy to monitor virtually anything from anywhere.

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SoniShield Temperature Monitoring


Know which refrigerators and freezers are malfunctioning before they break

Sonicu delivers real time monitoring that can show the steady degradation of a cold storage device that prompts preemptive servicing.

Streamline regulatory compliance

Sonicu has built-in reporting features that will satisfy virtually any regulatory body, including CDC, FDA, USDA, DEA, FSMA, State Board of Pharmacy, Joint Commission, County Board of Health.

Reduce manual temperature logging

Remote wireless temperature monitoring will free up staff time and energy by removing the need for manual logging of temperature, humidity and air pressure differential.
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