EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub

Building Energy Management made Simple
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Energy Code Compliance
  • Electrical Distribution Monitoring and Alarming

Energy Code Compliance

EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub, along with compatible connected power and energy monitoring devices, provides energy analysis and benchmarking features that meet emerging energy codes and standards requirements and isolate the factors contributing to energy usage which allows you to analyze energy usage patterns, and implement energy conservation measures.

The software makes it easy to track your energy consumption with the following features:
• Monitor and report on energy usage in accordance with ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, LEED, California Title 24 and other local energy codes
• Collect and store energy data for 36 months or more (*requires active subscription)
• Categorize energy usage by load types such as HVAC, lighting, and plug loads to identify where to focus energy conservation initiatives
• Aggregate energy usage data by site, building, floor, area, or zones.
• Compare and rank top contributors to energy usage across multiple sites, buildings, floors, areas, zones, equipment, or devices.
• Analyze factors contributing to energy usage, usage patterns and isolate energy waste

Energy Code Compliance

Electrical Distribution Monitoring and Alarming

Your business operations depend on reliable power. With EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub you can be alerted immediately to disturbances in your electrical system, and easily monitoring the real-time status of your electrical equipment.

EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub collects alarm information from your electrical equipment and can immediately notify facility teams, property managers, contractors, and service staff by email or through the mobile app.

Through the mobile app you can easily view alarm notifications, review details of the alarm, and remotely acknowledge alarms with an audit trail. Alarm details are seamlessly shared between the web and mobile apps so all users have access to the same information (based on user permission).

The mobile app is available for download for either iOS or Android devices.

Real-time device status can be viewed for each asset, including voltage, current, demand and energy measurements. Historical trends can also be viewed for the selected time range.

Electrical Distribution Monitoring and Alarming
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