TapNPass Nomad

Portable NFC, Wi-Fi adapter for Modbus®, Serial fieldbus
Published by IoTize SAS


Custom servicing apps for maintenance efficiency

On-site verification is crucial in maintaining industrial and electrical networks, and on-board LCD interfaces are inadequate for efficient, safe testing and servicing. Mobile apps are today’s essential tool for improving maintenance efficiency, reducing human error, and protecting technicians in these challenging environments.

TapNPass is your instant, ‘no code’ solution for wireless retrofit and creation of custom mobile apps that correspond to your testing and servicing requirements. TapNPass Duetware-based wireless adapters transform existing industrial equipment into wireless connected systems to facilitate on-site interventions for commissioning, audits, maintenance and software updates. TapNPass is designed as a Modbus (RTU) Master device allowing users to configure, monitor and control industrial equipment and systems.

Instant Wireless Retrofit for Industry

IoTize offers ‘no code’ solutions for wireless retrofit of your industrial installations. NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, LTE-M can be added instantly in any environment to support connection to mobile devices or Cloud platforms.
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TapNPass Nomad

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Improve service efficiency with apps

Technicians’ familiarity with mobile apps make these interfaces ideal for connecting to equipment, navigating complex data and identifying performance problems. Plus, configurations or testing data stored during interventions, can be saved and sent to supervisors easily to improve efficiency at all levels of your organization.

Increase flexibility in servicing apps

Mobile apps are easy to change and distribute to technicians, thus easy to evolve to changing environments, maintenance problems, and servicing tasks. Configure and generate the interfaces your technicians need to recognize problems more rapidly and apply pertinent solutions whether reconfiguring systems, updating software, or escalating problems to get help.

The right connectivity when it's needed

SCADA networks empower remote supervision but don’t always benefit the technicians in their daily, on-site maintenance tasks. NFC helps technicians connect securely and surely to the right equipment, while Wi-Fi allows them to work at a comfortable distance from high voltage and moving parts. With our portable, configurable tool, put the interface that your maintenance technicians need, right in their hands.

Efficiency without compromising security

Leaving a Wi-Fi channel broadcasting 24/7 on your equipment only invites misuse and hacking. With NFC, technicians just tap to automatically connect the mobile device by Wi-Fi, secure the channel, and launch the correct app. NFC ‘tap-to-connect,’ and dynamic per-session encryption effectively counter ‘Man-in-the-Middle’ and ‘Denial-of-Service’ attacks that can put your equipment at risk and reduce maintenance efficiency.
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