EcoStruxure™ Architecture Builder

Comprehensive presales tool focusing on the design and the quotation
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Highlights
  • Fast and reliable quotation
  • For beginners & professional
  • Reduce the risk of your project
  • Open to third party device
  • Ensure smooth transition


EcoStruxure™ Architecture Builder deliverables for speeding up your quotation process:

  • Bill of Material of the entire system configuration can be exported in Excel or CSV formats.
  • Graphical drawing of the system architecture can be exported in several formats (JPG, PNG, SVG).
  • Project Report (word document) that can be easily customized.

Fast and reliable quotation

The EcoStruxure™ Architecture Builder help you to provide a quicker and more reliable quotation for beginner and expert thanks to :

  • Easy access and comprehension of Plant and Power product catalog
  • Automatic architecture configuration and generation
  • Verification of the architecture configuration consistency with technical specifications
  • Automatic configuration of the accessories
  • Easy creation of Bill Of Material with an automatic generation of the BOM file
  • Localized price management with all the currencies of the world
  • Automatic generation of commercial proposal word document
Fast and reliable quotation

For beginners & professional

  • A guidance step by step during your architecture configuration
  • Embedded Architecture templates per segment (Mining, Water treatment etc.) are provided to help you with your configuration
  • Automatic suggestions during the architecture configuration
For beginners & professional

Reduce the risk of your project

Ensure the perfect sizing of your architecture thanks to the advanced and innovative features such as :

  • Performance analysis for assessing the temporal and load performance of your architecture
  • Dependability analysis for estimating the availability of your architecture

These advanced features are unique in the market

Reduce the risk of your project

Open to third party device

Become the owner of your quotation by extending the default product catalogue of the tool with third-party devices, networks, software and control room hardware, thanks to the Custom Catalog editor.

Open to third party device

Ensure smooth transition

Reuse your architecture configuration during the engineering stage thanks to full compatibility between the tool and EcoStruxure™ Control Expert.

Add the following phrase at the end of the first one: The project Builder configuration can start by importing an existing EcoStruxure Control Expert project.

Ensure smooth transition
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