PME 2X - Redundancy Tool

Redundancy tool for EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert
Published by METRUM


Improve system availability and reduce downtime due to server maintenance

Mission-critical applications require reliability, security and availability in any process. METRUM´s PME 2X Redundancy Tool is a simpler and scalable redundancy solution for EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert, bringing efficiency and availability during server maintenance and reliability and security during unexpected events.

PME 2X takes advantage of the fact that in most of the unexpected cases, the IT team will have the Database backed up, with redundant/clustered implementations. Thus, PME 2X is responsible for periodically mirroring data from one PME Application server to another and automatically or manually switch to Application server that is pointed to the Database, which is seamlessly invisible for the web user.

Technology Partner

PME 2X - Redundancy Tool

Desktop App


Increase system availability

Move the application between two servers during maintenance (manually) or unexpected events (automatically).


Works with small and large systems due to connection with clustered databases.

Keep track

Logs any forced or automatic migration between servers

Save time

Plug-and-play application that can be installed in both servers for redundancy management.

Improve efficiency

Server updates without impact to the PME application.
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