Bridge clinical operations services with EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

Digital connection of hospital buildings and clinical operations
Published by ThoughtWire


  • Patient safety
  • Patient experience
  • Operational efficiency

Patient safety

Schneider Electric's Advisor helps avoid adverse events with advanced analytics of critical infrastructure equipment.

Avoid a power failure caused by faulty equipment, which has a great impact on clinical services, by using EcoStruxure™ analytics and services combined with Thoughtwire's digital twin.

Patient experience

Patients can take control of their environment with ThoughtWire's suite of mobile applications and connecting to the built environment through Schneider Electric's Building Management System. By putting control of the lighting, temperature, shades and other room systems in the hands of the patient, a better experience is achieved as well as reducing non-clinical requests to caregivers.

Orchestrate data from clinical systems, building systems, IoT devices and other sources to give a complete real-time view of operations. Use information from connected devices and assets like tagged stretchers and wheelchairs or building elevators to streamline workflows and move patients through the hospital more efficiently. Manage wait times and schedules better by increasing throughput without sacrificing quality.

Operational efficiency

  • Drives faster response to time-sensitive critical events, both clinical and facility, for improved safety and security of patients and hospital staff.
  • Integrate with the facility, security and health information systems to provide contextual information to people who need to know.
  • Connected critical alerts from building services helps streamline facility operations and notify clinical staff of any environmental issues that impact their safety and patients.
  • Location-based notifications to the right staff enables them to lock down doors with just one click of their mobile devices.
  • Energy and sustainability can be monitored and optimized through Schneider Electric's suite of energy efficient solutions. Energy savings achieved through procurement and sustainability programs help operating budgets.
  • By connecting ThoughtWire and Schneider Electric energy and sustainability solutions, the building can now model against real time usage to help forecast and predict energy cost and performance. Knowing the flow of patients through a facility allows real time optimization of energy usage of HVAC and other building services.

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