EcoStruxure™ Power Design - Electrical Calculation Tools

On-line calculation tools for LV electrical network
Published by Schneider Electric


Simplify your work, increase productivity and save your time

For a consultant or design office, Calculation tools can help you :
  • To verify cable voltage drop during the re-design of the projects
  • To design an installation when searching information on protection settings and time current curves
  • To design an installation where continuity of supply is required
  • To optimize the installation cost
  • To generate cables schedule and choose proper cable size, for greater system reliability
  • For an electrical contractor, Calculation tools can help you :
  • To quickly verify and identify cable losses during trouble shooting purpose
  • To determine the cross section area of the cable during installation
  • For a panel builder, Calculation tools can help you :
  • To preset protection trip unit and to display the result on the time current curve
  • To preset protection trip curves when protection discrimination is mandatory
  • To select new circuit-breakers when discrimination is mandatory
  • To optimize the cost of the switchboard thanks to protection coordination
  • For a facility management manager/staff, Calculation tools can help you :
  • During replacement of cables
  • To identify the losses in existing installation
  • To re-design of the electrical network system
  • EcoStruxure™ Power Design - Electrical Calculation Tools


    Design and quick check

    Whether you are designing a new installation, expanding an existing one or doing maintenance, this is a suite of online tools for a quick "Protection device Selection, Selectivity Checking and Cable Calculation."

    Easier and faster

    Easier than old fashioned paper catalogue and coordination tables.

    Faster than the heavy full features of electrical network calculation software.

    Offers up to date and latest

    Up to date with Schneider Electric offers from low voltage protection devices and circuit breakers.

    Online and on the fly

    No download needed.

    No resident software package on your computer. This online tools can be played from your web browser, and it’s on!

    Quick cable conductor sizing

    If we have a load matrix or a list of circuit characteristics are available then the 'cable sizing for those circuits' can be done online.The "cable schedule" can be prepared online and the same can be exported in multiple formats like .XLS or .DOC or .PDF. The cable sizing is done incompliance with the IEC 60364-5-52 standard.
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