EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Grain Silo Manager

Library for grain silo automation
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Automation assets
  • Rapid engineering
  • Quality management
  • Topology management
  • Route management
  • User experience
  • Energy measurement and preventive maintenance
  • Customization
  • Licensing

Automation assets

Grain Silo Manager applications are generated using the Engineering environment of EcoStruxure™ Process Expert. This allows engineers to access the tested and validated library for grain automation assets.

Most Grain Silo Manager systems can be implemented without the need to configure controller or supervision systems. The ready made assets can be assembled to achieve the automation necessary for the site.

EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Grain Silo Manager provides dedicated templates for managing all aspects of silo applications.

Automation assets

Rapid engineering

EcoStruxure™ Process Expert enables the automation system to be built rapidly using a library of standard grain silo management templates which integrate with the Grain Silo Manager routing system at runtime.

Engineers create an instance of the appropriate template for each asset within the silo. They configure the asset by completing a set of parameters which are defined within the template.

The configuration parameters allow the engineer to select all the options required to define a grain silo automation system.

Rapid engineering
Zero refinement
  • 100% of the code is generated by EcoStruxure™ Process Expert and does not need any effort within the controller to adapt or customize the generated code (although this is possible if required).The Library objects are Tested Validated and Documented Architecture which are bug free, and helps generating 50% of engineering saving for the user on the project won.

Reliable hardware
  • Schneider Electric commercial offers which are field proven, available and supported in the market for the hardware and software for control system. Schneider Electric is a proven supplier to the automation market for a global reach and a focus on sustainability.
  • Once the automation is developed it can be deployed onto a simulator (for testing) or the targeted controller (M340 or M580) for execution.

Quality management

Silo operation needs to transfer grain from receiver to storage, aggregate grain stored in multiple silos, dry, clean, weigh and load grain for transport.

Grain Silo Manager allows the operator to manage segregation of grains based on their family (wheat, rice) and Product quality (premium, raw) in grain silos. The operator can control what grain will be stored within the silo and whether the operator can fill or drain the content of the silo.

Grain Silo Manager allows the user to define the routes required to manage their tasks and execute them from the operator interface. The route management component automatically identifies all the possible route combinations including defining avoidance for maintenance reason and going through mandatory asset for instance “assurance of quality check”.

Quality management
Silo quality
  • Define the content of each silo
  • History log of all comments available
  • Define quantity with actual and net weight
  • Comments provided for each entry

Product definition : Product Families
  • Runtime Management (Create / Modify / Disable ) online
  • Provide Codes and Names

Product definition : Product Properties
  • Runtime Management (Create / modify / Disable) online
  • Add unlimited products per family
  • Define product properties

Grain storage history
  • Grain Silo Manager also records the history of products stored within each silo for reporting.

Topology management

Topology Management module enables user to adapt Asset Definitions without impacting the configurations done in EcoStruxure™ Process Expert application.

User can verify the status of the Link definitions between Upstream and Downstream Assets forming part of the route management.

User can configure settings linked to energy data, operating speed data and suctions definition for various groups.

Topology management

Route management

Grain Silo automation system comprised a network of storage and conveying systems. The assets configured and the links between them offer the operator numerous paths within the system. Grain Silo Manager provides the operator the ability to manage the storage and transfer of grain within the silo.

Grain Silo Manager enables Engineers to define and manage up to 14 routes.

Route management
Asset selection
  • Route Management enables operator to select the asset mandatory or forbidden to be used in the route. Based on the selection, the proposed list of available routes are automatically updated.

Focused graphic page
  • Operator has option to select and view the assets based on the active group/s or all the assets of the zone. Hide and display of assets on the graphic page is managed automatically.

Visualization : Start Automation
  • Start or Stop a route with or without release or pause
  • Define start mode, action while full
  • Define a run time for each transfer
  • Integrate a screw discharge

  • Routes start to deliver the transfer
  • Each asset monitors its downstream asset to ensure reliable transfer
  • Failures or interlock issues are highlighted to the operator

  • Equipment Status is represented by the image color
  • Routes within the system are highlighted to show complete path
  • Other routes can be masked to focus operator vision
  • Highlight allows the user to focus on the detail without losing the global picture

User experience

Grain Silo Manager templates provide standard and consistent user interface for operators to manage their asset and routes. Genie (animated L3 symbols) and faceplate provide user all information’s related to asset health and status.

The intuitive graphics enables operator to take decisions quickly and accurately.

User experience
Operator faceplates : Operating Mode
  • Automatic or Manual Control of each asset
  • Control each asset in manual
  • Override Interlock conditions
  • Rearm after failure

Operator faceplates : Equipment Status
  • Available for use
  • Reserved for upcoming transfer
  • In use for a current transfer
  • Emptying from a complete transfer

Operator faceplates : Failure and interlock status
  • Status of individual failure conditions
  • Ability to bypass condition
  • Require reset for fleeting or critical conditions

Operator faceplates : Scheduling
  • 7 Day schedule
  • Start and stop times
  • Run hours and operational information

  • Trace operator actions, alarms and events within the system.

Energy measurement and preventive maintenance

Topology management module enables user to configure energy limits (current, speed) for various assets to ensure the best utilization.

Energy measurement and preventive maintenance
Asset diagnostics
  • Grain Silo Manager assist the operator to find fault issues. All assets in the system provide detailed diagnostics of their status and provide operating and alarm limits which are associated with the product being transferred.
  • Grain Silo Manager leverages the alarm, event and trend systems of the supervision platform to provide a complete picture of silo operation. The operation actions and events are logged to provide traceability of grain transfers within the silo.

Preventive maintenance
  • Asset run hours and other details enable operator and maintenance team to perform preventive maintenance at periodic interval and avoid breakdown.


Grain Silo Manager enables users to customize color schema for their assets online without any need to modify the source library objects.

User can customize color based on asset type, assets in various zone, and also for each routes.

This ensures operator efficiency and experience operating the application.

Module Color

  • Running / Running Forward / Running Reverse
  • Stopped
  • Failure
  • Route Color

  • Color to highlight each route
  • Color for pipes
  • Color for vacuum
  • Customization


    EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Grain Silo Manager is available in a range of size to best fit the silo applications.
    Engineering licenses (Included in EcoStruxure™ Process Expert license)
    • Engineering licenses for EcoStruxure™ Grain Silo Manager are included as part of EcoStruxure™ Process Expert.
    • The same engineering station can be used to develop and extend any number of run-time systems.

    Run-time licensing ( To be ordered via global supply chain)
    • Server licensing - Each run time server is licensed to run Grain Silo Manager. The cost of the license is based on the number of servers (not server size). If redundant servers are required two run-time server licenses are required.
    • Controller licensing - A license is required for the controller used with the system. Controller licenses vary in cost based on the number of assets controlled to ensures the price of a system is directly related to its size. Redundant systems require a license for each controller.
    • Small : up to 100 assets
    • Medium : up to 300 assets
    • Large : up to 500 assets
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