EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Grain Silo Manager

Library for grain silo automation
Published by Schneider Electric


EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Grain Silo Manager

Across the world corn, rice, wheat, barley and soy beans are harvested and stored in silos for collection. As world demand for food and other renewable offers based on grain, increases the market needs for efficient solutions to manage their grain silos.

Grain Silo Manager is an addon library for EcoStruxure™ Process Expert with embedded VisioSilo tool for modernization of grain silo automation. EcoStruxure™ Process Expert – Grain silo Manager offers the best of proprietary solutions and off the shelf offer based solutions.

Grain Silo Manager is a cost effective solution to meet the needs for high performance and reliability in grain movement during the harvest period. Supplied globally but integrated locally to meet the specific needs of each customer. End-User or Systems Integrator should be interested in Grain Expert for optimized silo automation

EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Grain Silo Manager


Proven solution

Based on field proven hardware and software offers sold and supported for industrial control across the globe by Schneider Electric.


A single homogeneous solution that is able to scale from the small systems to medium / large complex silos. Priced based on the size of the system.

Reduced deployment time

EcoStruxure™ Process Expert – Grain Silo Manager is a Tested Validated and Documented (TVDA) library. Applications developed using Grain Silo Manager has 100% code generated by EcoStruxure™ Process Expert, hence customers receive an automated grain silo application which reduces the Engineering and Commissioning time by up to 50% for both System Integrator's and End Users.

System consistency

Grain Silos are automated with a common standard library allowing engineering and support staff to be immediately able to support the automation system. Grain silos which are similar can be automated with the same control logic to remove risk and time for engineering

Advanced capabilities

Control of conveying systems and auxiliary systems (fans, humidity, temperature) with a focus on energy management.

Open to customize

Delivered with industry standard applications which allows sites to customize the offer that meet the needs of individual applications.

Product Attributes

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