IoT Armour

Cybersecurity for connected devices, IoT gateways, critical systems, and 5G communication networks
Published by Block Armour


Next-gen zero trust cybersecurity for IoT

Smart, connected devices are already an integral part of our lives, in business and at home. And, with the advent of 5G and Satellite-based networks this will scale multi-fold. However, 5G Networks and the Internet of Things are opening up previously closed systems to remote access & control. And, existing security solutions are unable to keep pace, scale up and address the security challenges facing the emerging 5G and IoT world.

Block Armour is stepping up to address this solution with IoT Armour - a next-gen Zero Trust cybersecurity solution for connected devices, critical systems and integrated IoT networks. The solution is powered by Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture and private Blockchain technology and was featured as one of the Top 25 innovations worldwide in cybersecurity by Accenture.

The solution harness digital signatures - not just IP address - to identify, authenticate and authorize devices, thus making it well suited for today’s distributed and hybrid enterprise IT ecosystems as well as smart city, Industry 4.0 and 5G security use cases.

IoT Armour

IoT Armour Dashboard and Agent


Tamper-proof logging of all access and connectivity

Immutable & tamper-proof logs stored securely using private permissioned blockchain for instant analysis.

Locked-down & secured access to critical IoT systems

Invisible and locked down critical systems through a Software Device Perimeter with micro segmentation and fine-grain access control.

Blockchain technology

Cryptographically secure blockchain-based digital identity for users, connected devices and central servers/services.

Secure communication between IT and IoT

High-end military grade encryption between connected devices and IoT systems.
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