BIMData Viewer

View sensor and IoT data in a BIM model
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View sensor and IoT data in a BIM model

Build an interface to view building and infrastructure data in just a few lines of code. BIMData Viewer gives you the possibility to view, check, edit and share your BIM models in an intuitive user interface. Loading several BIM models at the same time is perfectly possible. You can handle them by combining several tens of thousands of objects.

BIMData is easily customised for specific needs. Plugins are developed by using a set of 4 tools:

  • BIM Viewer
  • SDK
  • Design System
  • API

  • and Schneider Electric have created a state of the art hypervisor by Integrating real time IoT data and alarms from EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert directly into BIMData Viewer. This plugin is open sourced and is available on request.
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    BIMData Viewer


    Simplifying innovation by focusing on existing tools

    We bring together everything that’s required to integrate BIM models into your exiting information systems.'s products power design, construction and O&M softwares and provide state of the art collaborative platform and marketplace.

    We make BIM and IoT integration easy

    Integrate high performance 2D and 3D viewer and powerful APIs with few lines of code.

    Achieving better results with off-the-shelf innovative solutions

    IoT / BIM Libraries / VR / AR / Blockchain / Point Clouds
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