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Innovative Field resource management

Fleet operators choose FieldLogix because they are tired of the old GPS fleet management providers that offer over-priced, obsolete technology that are difficult to use, and provide inadequate customer support. When they discovered FieldLogix, they found a company that stands out with an affordable, innovative, and user-friendly solution backed by the best customer support in the industry.

GPS Fleet Management know where your vehicles are, where they have been, and how they are being driven.

  • We track the locations of your vehicles & assets using various types of GPS fleet tracking devices.
  • We provide various reports & alerts with details of past vehicle activities.
  • We rank and score your drivers based on driving habits and provide you with coaching reports.
  • The data is sent to our servers over the wireless network and processed.
  • You can access everything on our website and mobile apps.
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    Real-Time GPS tracking of vehicles, people, & equipment

    Monitor fuel consumption & wasteful driving behaviors

    Monitor vehicle health to keep your vehicles on the road & out of the shop

    Compare your fleet to other fleets in the same industry & region

    Improve driver safety with various safety reports

    Get alerts when vehicles, people & equipment enter or exit jobsites

    Plan, optimize, and dispatch routes to your field employees


    Reduce labor costs

    Monitoring all driver activities helps you reduce unproductive downtime, verify payroll records, and reduce overtime costs. Companies save an average of $5,484 annually per employee by utilizing GPS technology.

    Complete more jobs

    Route optimization with traffic predictions helps you plan more efficient routes, reduce travel times, and reduce overtime costs. Our technology helps organizations close 25% more work orders.

    Improve driver safety

    Unsafe driving monitoring and scorecards helps you eliminate unsafe driving behaviors that cause accidents, fines, and lawsuits.

    Improve security

    Alerts for unauthorized use of vehicles and equipment helps you catch unauthorized use, reduce legal liabilities, and recover stolen vehicles & equipment.

    Reduce fuel costs

    Our system helps reduce fuel costs by 13.2% by eliminating poor driving habits such as aggressive driving, idling, and speeding.

    Improve vehicle maintenance

    Monitoring vehicle engine alerts & scheduling maintenance reminders helps you keep your vehicles on the road and out of the shop.

    Improve customer service

    Route planning & ETA notifications helps you provide your clients with more accurate arrival windows, improve client experience, and reduce no-shows. GPS fleet tracking technology increases completed service calls by 23%, improves on-time arrivals by 46%, and increases service revenues by 16.4%.
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