NEST i4.0 for EcoStruxure™ Plant and Machine

Vibration monitoring and diagnosis for rotating machines
Published by ACOEM


Predictive maintenance software

NEST i4.0 is a powerful predictive maintenance software offering the best productivity in vibration analysis. It provides clear, concise and easy-to-understand information, for everyone involved in maintaining industrial machinery in operational conditions.

To achieve top performance monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, it is important to adapt the set of monitoring indicators and thresholds applied in edge computing according to the real-time operating status of the machine. Connecting the Acoem MV-x real time IoT systems to M580 in both directions, it is possible to feed the Acoem MV-x system with the process information in real-time, and collect the output of the edge monitoring to connect it to SE EcoStruxure. NEST i4.0 operates in combination with the ACOEM EAGLE and MVX IIoTs to collect meaningful vibration signals and to publish smart diagnosis information to EcoStruxure™ applications through Modbus and OPC UA connectivity.

For example, machinery health indicators, diagnosis and recommendations processed by the ACOEM system can be automatically integrated in the EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor

Together with Schneider Electric, ACOEM provides its vibration expertise with the most advanced technology to ensure the best reliability in industrial machinery.

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NEST i4.0 for EcoStruxure™ Plant and Machine

Machinery Health Status

Machinery Health Matrix

MVx IIoT Asset Advisor

MVX IIoT EcoStruxure

EAGLE IIoT EcoStruxure


Increase your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Thanks to its embedded artificial intelligence, the NEST i4.0 system detects and identifies possible faults at an early stage before they develop and generate unplanned downtime and unwanted substantial financial expenses and losses.

Optimize your maintenance planning

Connect the NEST i4.0 system to provide EcoStruxure™ with smart machinery health indicators directly actionable to anticipate and to schedule the required maintenance operations such as bearing lubrication or replacement, gearbox inspection, alignment, balancing, etc.

Extend the life expectancy of gearboxes and bearings

Because shaft alignment and appropriate lubrication are major contributing factors to the life of gearboxes and bearings, it is crucial to monitor such conditions in order to rectify any deviation as quickly as possible. Thanks to smart exception processing, the ACOEM EAGLE wireless IIoT or MVX online IIoT connected to the NEST i4.0 system, reject any false alarm and report proven alerts soon enough to plan all the necessary corrective and preventive measures.

Save up to 50% on reporting time

With the ACCUREX Automatic Diagnosis, the Machine Health Matrix and productive analysis functionalities, the NEST i4.0 system allows users to generate automatic reports featuring easy-to-understand recommendations and advanced analysis for experts.

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