Saned Utilities

Remote smart AI and IoT monitoring solution


  • Leverage the power of cloud and Artificial Intelligence to improve operational excellence
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Leverage the power of cloud and Artificial Intelligence to improve operational excellence

Saned Utilities combines real-time and historical information with AI and machine learning-driven predictions to minimize downtime, improve quality, energy efficiency or throughput, and calculate remaining asset life.

Utilize proven use cases and experience to address common operational challenges more quickly and easily than you thought possible. Ranging from self-service analytics, with no programming required, up to more comprehensive analytics for in-depth analysis of critical assets and processes, Saned Utilities empowers you to take advantage of prescriptive actions, artificial intelligence and machine learning at scale.

Address common operational challenges with SANED Utilities’ growing range of AI and machine learning capabilities:

Reduce downtime
  • Predict uptime and detect failures days, weeks or even months before they occur. Minimize production losses and realize higher production throughput to meet dynamic market demands.

Improve availability
  • Minimize downtime due to unnecessary cleaning cycles by predicting the optimal time frame for cleaning or doing periodic maintenance of an asset.

Predictable asset life
  • Forecast remaining asset life and influence operations and maintenance costs and life cycle management. Make confident CAPEX decisions with data driven analytics.

Address the knowledge gap
  • Provide distributed teams with qualitative and rapid risk mitigation actions all the way down to the generation of work requests.

Reliable quality
  • Eliminate costly production rejects and predict quality issues. Enable operators to adjust the production settings at the right time to realize consistent quality and avoid waste.

Optimize throughput
  • Identify optimal process conditions for a plant, unit or area and track current conditions versus target. Gain early notification if production throughput is slipping.

Energy efficiency
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and facilitate the insights for better energy use. Tightly monitor energy use to expose hidden costs.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Optimize operations at scale by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the cloud. This range of fit-for-purpose algorithms combined with prescriptive actions enables users to institutionalize analytics as closed loops within their business processes.
Automated analytics
  • Analyses streamed data from multiple sources to detect anomalies, out of the box.

Condition based rules
  • Captures operator experience for timely intervention, set it and forget it.

Guided analytics
  • Targeted for infrastructure assets with repeatable failure patterns, user configurable.

Advanced analytics
  • Targeted for the most critical assets and processes with expert engineering engagement.
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