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Advanced analytics for predictive maintenance & performance optimization
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Optimize your industrial performance

In increasingly automated factories, the fight against breakdowns and malfunctions of all kinds, even the most discreet, has become a priority at all times for manufacturers. Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to discover optimum thresholds and relationships between weak signals imperceptible to the human eye and the malfunctions that have occurred on your equipment.

DiagRAMS Technologies provides predictive maintenance based on its deep industry expertise and cutting edge proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology, perfectly fitted to industrial field challenges. It enables to :

  • Capture & structure industrial data
  • Visualize & explore trends and assets behaviors
  • Detect drifts & anomalies related to maintenance, quality, energy consumption
  • Diagnose malfunctions & Root Cause Analysis
  • Predict failures
  • Thanks to our flexible and scalable Artificial Intelligence solution, DiagRAMS exploits and enhances not only existing industrial data, but also to add or remove sensors or data sources over time.

    Our global monitoring solution empowers maintenance teams with specific alerts of drift detection, anomaly diagnosis and prognostics. DiagRAMS offers an ergonomic, flexible and scalable decision support tool to anticipate failures, optimize industrial performance and reduce the environmental footprint.

    DiagRAMS Technologies


    Increase equipment availability

    DiagRAMS offers a turnkey solution for your assets health monitoring.

  • Avoid emergency interventions on your saturated equipment
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime and critical breakdown
  • Extend the intervals of preventive maintenance
  • Reduce maintenance costs

    DiagRAMS offers an AI solution to help establish a maintenance strategy based on the actual state of wear and tear of the equipment.

  • Prevent the systematic replacement of spare parts still in good condition as their theoretical lifetime does not coincide with their actual wear
  • Prevents critical breakdown and emergency orders
  • Optimize field interventions

    Our predictive maintenance solution is a turnkey tool for field experts. We calibrate the solution to your needs and deliver the right information at the right time.

  • Get targeted alerts for anomaly detection & diagnosis
  • Global monitoring for all assets in a single tool
  • Easy to use & intuitive solution
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